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Our Culture

At Radial Analytics, innovation is “in the water” and ideas trump egos

Radial Analytics team kayaking down the Charles River in Boston

How We Work

We are passionate about developing solutions that can make life better for patients. We want to use the very best of technology and data science to make that happen. This collision of passion and expertise plays out daily in our Cambridge office, driving us to continually seek impactful solutions to real problems.

At Radial Analytics, innovation is “in the water” and ideas trump egos. We passionately challenge each other’s way of thinking to develop solutions that really fit. And when a better solution is found, we are not afraid to tear down the old and build something better.

We are focused on creating a working environment where people can truly flourish. Failure is embraced as a key part of the learning process. We iterate our product quickly and release whenever new features are available and tested.

We value the highest integrity in our relationships, our data processing and our software design. Each individual is responsible and accountable for the way they interact with the team and the client, and for the work that they produce.

How We Play

At Radial Analytics we work hard and play hard. We go running on the trails behind the office. Most of us bike to work. We get together weekly for team lunch. We have Whiskey Thursdays. And we hold an out-of-office social event every couple months.

There are lots of places to eat near our office: cafés, restaurants, and an ever-increasing diversity of delicious food trucks. Lunch is not just for good food and great conversation; invariably something nerdy will be brought to the table: a Rubik's Cube demo, our latest Lego constructions, or a recently soldered custom mechanical keyboard.

Our social events are great opportunity to break away from the office and do some team-building, usually held on a Friday afternoon. This could be kayaking along the Charles River, bowling or just heading out early for food. We also get together with our +1's for dinner outside of office hours every few months.

Core Values

The Greater Good

We work for the greater good in all things.

We strive to be impactful.


We are trustworthy and ethical in all areas.

We are honest data brokers.

We are accountable to one another and to our customers.


We push the envelope on new ideas and approaches.

We think differently and develop creative solutions to problems.

We are fast to deploy, fast to test, and fast to fail.

We value action over inaction.


We believe that the best ideas and solutions are developed through open collaboration.

We evaluate ideas for their inherent worth, making no distinction of their origin.

We facilitate open and honest communication with one another.

By working together we challenge each other and make each other better.


We strive for excellence in all that we do.


We distill complex ideas data into simple, easily digestible, highly usable forms.


We try not to take ourselves too seriously. =)