Empowering care teams, patients, and families to make better decisions together

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Our Product

Evidence-driven after-hospital care planning for health systems and ACOs

Discharge Decision Support

Our secure cloud-based solution helps nurses and care teams identify the best after-hospital care plan for each patient. Smart Placement identifies the most appropriate level of care for each patient and shortlists the providers best matched to their individualized needs.

Personalized Patient Care

Our prediction engine uses real patient outcomes to generate individualized care plans for each patient, based on their unique clinical, functional, and social/behavioral needs.

Workflow Support

Our real-time patient triage system helps ensure that no shared-risk patient slips through the cracks. Smart Placement supports and enhances existing clinical workflows, and integrates with any Electronic Medical Record system.

Enabling Value-Based Care

Better communication, better decisions, better outcomes

Real-Time Care Coordination

  • Ensure that all care team members, including RN Case Managers and Discharge Planners, stay on the same page throughout the discharge planning process via real-time updates, secure messaging and notifications.

Evidence-Driven Decisions

  • Introduce objectivity and standardization into the discharge planning process, and identify the best evidence-driven decision for each patient.

Optimized for Quality, Cost & Outcomes

  • Achieve meaningful and immediate ROI for all contracts that are risk-bearing for post-acute costs, including Medicare ACO, BPCI/CJR Bundles, Medicare Advantage, and others.

The Pressing Need

The decision making process for post-acute care is subjective and imperfect

Over-utilization of Care

Facility based post-hospital care is often over-utilized. Smart Placement helps identify the patients who can safely go home.


Smart Placement introduces objectivity into the discharge planning process, and identifies the right evidence-driven decision for each patient based on data.